Hot Booty Cream

Hot Booty CreamToning & Shaping Cream!

In this day and age, it’s all about that booty. The fuller and plumper your behind, the better. Although there are other ways to tone and shape your rump, not everyone has the time for butt work outs or the money for implants. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a product that could help you get the butt of your dreams without the work? Thanks to Hot Booty Cream, your wish has been granted! Hot Booty is an advanced butt enhancing cream that is specially designed with clinically tested ingredients. The cream is bursting with natural ingredients proven to lift, tone and firm your behind. This unique product is composed of a silky smooth cream that will not clog pores or leave a greasy residue. After application, the active ingredients quickly release and penetrate deep into skin cells of your butt. The ingredients are natural so you don’t have to worry about side effects. 

Hot Booty Cream is a fast acting formula that helps lift, shape and tone the booty. Whether you don’t have time to do squats or don’t want unnatural implants, Hot Booty Cream acts like your very own personal trainer. Since the cream is composed of natural ingredients, users won’t have to be worries about negative side effects. On top of helping shape, lift and tone your rear-end, the cream also helps to reduce stretch marks and blemishing. This benefit helps keep your butt smooth and clear for a perfect finish. Don’t be afraid to show off your backside. Order your free trial online today and take back your confidence. Supplies won’t last long so hurry and order today!

How Hot Booty Cream Works

So, at this point I bet you’re either super excited about Hot Booty Cream or super skeptical, right? If you’re skeptical here’s how the cream works, we guarantee you’ll get the results you’ve been dreaming of. In short, the cream stimulates fat deposition in your buttocks. In other words, when the cream absorbs into the skin, it releases components that help boost the production of fat in the butt. On top of this, the cream also contains active ingredients that firm your skin to help shape and lift your butt. This enhancing cream is composed of a natural herbal blend penetrates into the skin of your buttocks and releases properties that stimulate the butt to grow. After application, users may feel a slight tingly feel, this is natural as the active ingredients start working. Sign up and claim your free trial before offers end!

Hot Booty Cream Benefits:

  • Lifts, Firms & Tones The Booty
  • Reduces Stretch Marks & Blemishing
  • Boosts Soft & Smooth Textures
  • Stimulates The Production Of Fat In The Buttocks
  • Made With 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Boosts Size & Confidence
  • Easy To Use & To Apply

Hot Booty Cream Active Ingredients

The ingredients are the most important part. Hot Booty Cream is composed of clinically researched ingredients proven to help users enhance their back side with natural looking results. The steps to using the cream are simple. Start by washing the surface of your buttocks to make sure dirt and oil are removed. Next, massage the cream in up wards, circular motions. This will help stimulate fat cells in order to get a fuller, rounder and thicker butt. Allow the cream to absorb before putting on pants. For best use, use once in the morning and once before bed time.

Maca Root Extract – Regulates hormones and helps boost fat storage on the buttocks for permanent results

 Pueraria Mirifica – is one of the top proven herbs to increase the size of the buttocks. It works with well with Aquaje extract

Rose Hips Oil – Phytoceramide. Comes from a wheat extract that is clinically proven to firm and tighten the skin around the butt

Hot Booty Cream Free Trial

Ready to plump your rump and get a smooth and flawless booty? Awesome! Now for a limited time all first time customers are eligible to receive a free trial bottle to test out before committing to purchase. To claim yours, just click on an ordering button. From there you can fill out your shipping information. For more information on trial period, additional costs and other inquiries, see the terms and conditions link!

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